Greetings from across the pond :)))))

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

** Please read the cutest email we have received yet : )  Good luck with your studies Karen!**

Name…: Karen O****

Subject: Open a shop in London

Hi, my name is Karen and I’m 16. I was referred to your clothing line by a
friend just today…and i absolutely love it.. I’m Ghanaian, lived in Ghana,
west Africa most of my life and currently reside in London…and i’ll love
it if you could open a store in London because we really need designers like
you in London. Most of us African teens in London tend to shy away from
traditional clothes and i’m confident your designs could really turn our
attitudes. I’m currently studying textiles in high school and plan on
furthering it, thus my interest in your clothing line. Ms. Lake you are
amazing and i found new pride in my Ghanaian attire…and i have to say
mixing vintage with african prints is absolutely genius. I think you deserve
more recognition but i believe you will blow up ( not literally..lol)
Thank You and I hope you consider opening a store in London because you are
absolutely amazing. :D

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